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    lyrically insane


    LyRiCaLlY InSaNe
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    lyrically insane

    Post by LyRiCaLlY InSaNe on Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:57 am

    Never gonna choke,
    Marijuana smoke,
    all up in my throat,
    hold this blunt while i holla at this hoe,
    you dont even kno, she down for the slow blow,
    got that 4 4, under the seat bro,
    i spit fire arson,
    take your bitch larsen,
    slow down you sound ridiculous,
    im conspicuous,
    your just a pussy ass bitch wit tits,
    im crazy slit my wrists,
    need some management....
    got that coke swaggin er, bakin er, mary jane lacin er...
    swag on point lets get to the point,
    all cops are pigs oink oink,
    kush in my joint..
    to slow cant listen,
    they cant even hear what im spittin,
    open your ears make it a mission..
    and quit wit the questions,
    shut up for at least 30 seconds...
    oh and did i mention,
    this is my first time steppin..
    up to the mic,
    im gonna back down sikeee,
    go hard like mike..
    is whatever,
    knock your ass out mayweather...
    smokin the bowl,
    eyes real low,
    listenin to my flow,
    we go hard thoo,
    we speedin..dashin roscoe,
    this verse is sick raw,
    even tho its kinda long,
    had to say it all,
    lyrically insane yall

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