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    Mikey diss By:Millie


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    Mikey diss By:Millie

    Post by Millie4554 on Wed Jul 04, 2012 4:57 pm

    you go by the name of mikey
    you never should have messed with me
    ill slice your ass up like ima chef
    one day u will wake up and there will be nobody left
    well im white and ur white but i got the bigger nutsack
    ill shoot your ugly ass wit a mac
    you sound like you on crack
    your rymes i kinda whack
    imma gangsta and thats a fact
    yo girl aint got no back
    she reminds me of a boy named jack
    you look knda soft
    ill shank you with a thumb tack
    you walk like a drunk
    i bet everyday u drink a twelve pack

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