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    Introduction of S.N.B


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    Introduction of S.N.B

    Post by $S.N.B$AlllDay$ on Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:00 pm

    let me introduce myself they call me S.N.B
    spittin rhymes so epic ive got my own trilogy
    i live my life behind bars cause i back up what i write
    my shows produce more than first viewing of twilight
    dont come runnin at me i always stand my ground
    sidistac morals fill ya fulla rounds
    i stand out in a crowd
    life of the party
    mix my words i twist your fate call me matt hardy
    to me there is no copy
    dont come at me actin snobby
    ill ruin your fuckin night
    send you home to mom and poppy
    im always down to battle
    i present myself with pride
    expect nothin but the best
    ill take you for a ride
    always speak the truth
    bring out what hides inside
    poetry in motion
    i should have my own book
    i am the definition of a half way crook.

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