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    mr keen - first drop on this site


    mr keen
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    mr keen - first drop on this site

    Post by mr keen on Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:06 pm

    MR KEEN no NOT mr clean you missed the scene
    where i missed the green and missed the bottle
    missed the pills, missed the wannabe models
    missed the need to be wreckless and hostile
    got more runaways than a new york hostel
    lost apostles ... all tired of mission impossible
    missing where they say "this is all possible"
    but i keep my head up, out the clouded chatter
    mind over matter take time to bake batters
    strike a spark, incite a riot in the dark habit
    my pen marks the spraypaint of old caverns
    new canvas around campus mr keen aint in pampers
    no grandpa strictly here for the soul and stanzas
    like me or not ill lite up a spot right on your block
    write the wrongs you got or just spit visions off the top
    im the splitting image of winning the division
    equipped with quips that wont quick im yo television
    they tell me to write to rap to record i just tell 'em listen
    ideas for days in this keen haze, im redefining definition

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