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    Tell 'Em (16 Bars) For a beat


    Kairos (TheSupremeMoment)
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    Tell 'Em (16 Bars) For a beat

    Post by Kairos (TheSupremeMoment) on Wed Jun 06, 2012 6:02 pm

    They inserted with a kindness and were deserted with a mean streak
    Used a Diversion with violence but were fit under as a sweet pea
    The best under 20, and I'm giving these dudes just a sneak peak
    Keep a girl on her knees, her mouth dirty, So I give her a deep clean

    No Ceilings? Sky the Limit? Then explain why I'm out this world
    Chilling with some martians, watching reruns of My Name is Earl
    These rappers make me sick to my stomach that's why I hurl
    On these beats, a beast uncaged, screaming out fuck commercial
    Always on the strive forward, I don't move in reversal
    And why is it yah sounding like you singing a choir rehearsal

    Took a step back like Kobe, drained it, and the crowd was yellin
    She on my clutch, as I stick, when she wanna stop there's no tellin
    Spit sicker than black tar from the mouth bustin these dudes melons
    He can't even buy a flow so why would I buy the bullshit he sellin

    Came through the latex like a broken condom, I birth a new breed
    Tell 'Em that I got em, and they'll stay in the sandlot scared of Hercules!

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