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    First Lyricism


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    First Lyricism

    Post by Thebeast3000 on Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:10 pm

    Ayo, you mothafuckaz wanna put some money on me
    its funny to see i am what i wanted me to be
    so all you haters ill see u in hell gates
    if im in hell ill drag u wid me so u can see what i take, or deal with
    if i aint the type of nigga dat u feel bitch, let it be known mothafucks... i am real bitch
    and for all u fuckas think u match with me, think again son, never settle for 2nd place bitch ALAWAYS NUMBER 1
    but on thiz lyricism im just having fun, i put u in a casket u niggas u fucking faggots dumb
    my lyricism is the realest lyrics you'll ever here
    Im so sick on the mic muthafucka its me dat YOU should FEAR!

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