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    Fuck yall niggaz, I better den yall


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    Fuck yall niggaz, I better den yall

    Post by BibleNigga on Mon May 21, 2012 3:32 am

    I be iller than every last nigga in dis bitch
    Im so fuckin sick niggas think i'm a witch
    I'll rip out yo ass threw yo eyeballs son
    Ill shit in the toilet after i blow out da sun
    I smoke cronic like a friendly ass dude
    then i take dumps on all yall crew
    yeah, u niggas think u brave
    but niggas be slave
    I'll crush u lil niggas like goliath did dave
    Fuck yu mexican rappers with yo cerona balls
    I'll drink yo dicks in my fuckin lonely walls
    I'll slap a giant in his asshole like moses did yo daddy
    Then shit out a turkey like paul did fo judas

    fuck all yall niggaz

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