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Reply to me, raise a challenge.


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Reply to me, raise a challenge.

Post by Toronto-BoundTn on Wed May 16, 2012 2:54 am

Sitting here smoking herb, the sun about to rise

looking for a purpose in this life wondering if gods a lie

but aint no worries cause this is a worry free life

like a gun in the mirror got yourself in your sight

aiming to kill yourself, while your trying to raise yourself

like you aint never touch something like no feelings been felt

then you turn it all around and you feel like you on top

till god changes his mind and makes you stop

tells you to but the blunt down and go back to school

cause if you follow everyone else, you;ll miss your change to rule

but it dont matter when your to hot to touch

lame ass kids trying to ruin your flex, cause your just too much

but this freestyle a little different cause im not talking shit straight to you

cause over the net its to easy ill go straight through you

like a bullet with a hollow tip

going throw cops jackets like a little sip

never finish the drink cause she aint finish her strip

just took her thong off and shes ready to hit

so you smash it and get ready to sleep

hit the bed cause the bitch wasnt worth the night, another cheap

bitch ready to take a sip

take all your fame after a little hit

but this songs been about the chronic

mj coming through, so come jump up on it

take a puff, youll end up straight on the top

cause no one raised to the challange im a hit man trying to make a chop.

#freestyle your mind while you little high.

When you aim for the stars, make sure you aim a little high.
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