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    New to this...


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    New to this...

    Post by dopeyjay28 on Fri Apr 13, 2012 4:16 am

    My whole life's not been a struggle,
    but i've had my share of trouble,
    police pulling me over just because i've had my hood up,
    then they have the cheek to try n say that im a fuck up,
    coz im rollin with a crew and that i rarely pick a book up,
    in english back in school i was always tryna hookup,
    with the pretty little blonde tryna make it to a couple,
    but i just couldn't keep it true so the shit was soon to buckle,
    just like buckaroo shit flew up all of a sudden,
    now am pickin up the pieces and tryna be a gooden,
    but the snakes that are around are makin it a burden,
    so the weed is what im burnin,
    to bring me off the world n, so i take a puff of 'erb!

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    Re: New to this...

    Post by Average"Kid" on Sat Apr 21, 2012 9:07 pm

    New here

    U can call me a spark

    An individual going through tough times barely lighting the dark

    With common principles and dreams and an Appetite of a shark

    Craving that flesh and blood lips watering as im heading straight to ur heart 

    Im an endangered species so please do not fuck with me

    Leave u even worse than this world and its fucked up economy 

    My specialty, demonstrating everything i got inside of me

    Here are my intestines and my alcohol filled kidneys

    I party i sin 

    sorry im not a loser who tries really hard not be who he is 

    I know im not a perfect civilian
     its obvious 
    I made mistakes like stepping on a rake and becoming insomnious 

    I try really hard on who i just wanna be but does that make me a wanna be? I think of myself more as a "can i be?everything iv ever set my mind to and anything? Getting diamond rings, repaying my parents for sticking near me, and buying my future love, brothers, sisters,relatives almost everything?"

    People have faith but i believe its very little 
    A fat cow is more likely to produce chunky  milk 

    its all a lie when they say that they have faith, but i know that they're telling me things i may wanna hear just in case 

    (Verse 2)
    Underestimated nowhere near being intimidated 

    By other rappers standing by the side as i hear them contemplating over the case of if im perfectly fine or over-exaggerating 

    Rough moment when ur mother tell u shes dying 
    Ur in denial sticking to ur thoughts of ur mom is lying 

    Even though u see her getting worse each and everyday 
    Checking up on her every hour just to see if shes ok 

    And pray to god she dnt pass away so at her funeral u dnt have to write down what u felt that day

    That'll be an explicit song with verses full of curse words yelled at from the top of my lungs as the songs disperse and a new verse begins

    Or a chorus kicks in saying fuck god and fuck satan just keep that shitty as stuff to urself u call religion

    Sounding like an ass as i state the truth with my words 
    seeing time fly by like a tropical flock of birds 
    or a song fitting my life with creative metaphors and personification usage, adjectives and adverbs 

    Its about time i show my true colors to others and they show one another
    My songs and act like they're my brothers 

    They get ahead of themselves and wanting autographs for their posters but my mother Taught me keep my friends close and my enemies closer

    (Verse 3)
    Not aware of a gift i have, i call it lame

    Not ur own opinion as others tell u the same thing n now they're to blame for ur depression gain and ur psychological condition the doctors all seem to call "insane" 

    I understand that ur brain works differently
    As do others as well wen they quiet down and work independently 

    Im depended on so i stay loyal
    Unless u come back to bite my ass and cause my blood to boil which is a bad like putting stupid things in a microwave, aluminum foil

    But i guess time takes its toll on those roll or those who believe thats its all about selling ur soul

    Unless they sell it for eternal beauty and talk to a generous entity or enemy u cant really tell when its something u cant even see like its got the supernatural power of invisibility well im considered superman and can do almost everything but of course i have a weakness and that happens to be My family 

    My friends those who promise to stick with me till my death or till then end 

    Im Outta breath from these rhymes but im not close to being outta

    I flow nice and right and tend to write at night but writing at night means i dnt get to see or live during the light

    Iknow everyone has problems i just write mine down at night with my ipods sound or music with headphones around my ears and jot almost everything down into a note of compound and complex sentences and try to knock songs out

    I dream big,u can call me a dedicated man
    But the doctors called me crazy as i medicated my own hand and meditated to my main man the doc was anticipating my own high while drinking a 40oz can 

    Of beer i fear maybe he wasnt a doctor at all...but maybe everything he told me was all too true to be false 

    Oh well i guess it relies on time so we will tell 
    But i'll see u up in heaven or look down at u as u go to hell...

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    Re: New to this...

    Post by Trust* on Fri Aug 10, 2012 6:30 am

    Also new to this

    You've been Bullying me since i was a little tot
    I bet now your now sitting there doing pot
    Your so weak now even your dick is starting to rot
    Now i can rise up and beat you up

    You used to call me names blaze my family
    You were my biggest enemy
    Im gonna get you it wont even cost a dime
    Imma get you just watch in time.

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    Re: New to this...

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