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    7Chain Introduction


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    7Chain Introduction

    Post by 7Chain on Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:47 am


    let the time flow out water stream on the valley,

    my name be underground from the base of sweet cAli,

    have big dreams small hopes no visioNs like a pacifist,

    fuck the rules not a guy with a boss for an ass to kiss,

    believe in my owN state appreciate whats hitting first,

    i cAn be mysterious so subliminal in every verse,

    i could put the name of the girL i like mixed,

    put it in these lyrIcs so quick like its fixed,

    and i say fuck the System like a bitch when an attitude,

    ill squeeze in the game like a dick in a vag of lubE,

    i don't think twice before stating since i'm adhd,

    and i won't sink like i'm debating i should just be me.

    - 7Chain, April 1st, 2011

    11:43 pm

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    Re: 7Chain Introduction

    Post by Toronto-BoundTn on Thu May 10, 2012 1:24 am

    7chains you be tripping thinking you know anything about the system

    Ppl are dying, hand me a knife and i'll stick'em.

    in this world we get one life so just take this time to listen

    no talking about dicks and vag, you a snake you hissin.

    but snakes get a snitching, and snitches get popped, holes no need for stitching

    You just a titanic boat man with a dream of not sinking

    underground call out jsut got real, 40 of beer im actually sipping

    cause Toronto life, is as real as it gets.

    You just met your match and the victory is mine, and the stage is set.

    I took off my cross, to do this to you

    zero necklaces on my neck, 7chains chains got to heavy now he's just giving brains

    on the street corner

    to much hate on his cali state

    losing a battle of wits, has always been your fate.

    Now set the topic of discussion so i can set a new verse

    talking shit to you was like taking money out a blind girls purse.

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