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    English class [10 minute rap]


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    English class [10 minute rap]

    Post by Decerpo on Wed Mar 14, 2012 8:08 pm

    Hey guys,
    Me and my friend wrote this up in about 10 minutes. We are both 15. So tell us how we did.

    Mother fuckers be talking mad shit all the time.
    But they won't be talking when I get the first hit with a rhyme.
    Betrayers, na traitors are like niggas to me. They think they so tough but ain't got any shit on me.
    They creep so seemingly like the fucking tree that I see, only problem is they ain't as big as they wish they could be.
    I guess I was wrong, all the shit seems to be falling at me, figures cuz you think you a tree but guess who's calling you out, cuz nigga it sure ain't me.
    Its mother of nature and boy is she pissed, for all the sins that you miss, na, lemme correct myself like this: first lets say hi to lefty and righty cuz I'm sure you never met them over all that moaning the neighbors next door have heard. They represent all the bullshit you said, all the lies that you played, and all the truths that you wish you said.

    Now please bare with me while my friend tries to break down how i feel:
    I dont know too much, and i dont hope to much ... i dont trust too much and i just dont love to much, cuz too much of that shit hurts you know ... dats y i keep this shit to myself, and after all those bad things that lurk too much i swear to myself that these spells just dont work too much ... but i dont go after hoes, cuz they flirt too much ... but when you gotta wife, shit changes around and all these other bitches can watch ma too fingas, and ill see 'em around. And maybe sometimes you gotta tell 'em off, wid out making a sound ... cuz i dont get bitches, i fuck 'em, and leave em around ... i get real women, love 'em, to keep 'em around ... wid ma hoes, i hit it and quit it, cuz man they ain't worth to much, wid ma real girls, i love it, and maybe keep it inside but just listen up and maybe you'll just see it all fine.

    Now let me take a second to explain my life to you, and I want you to see how i feel bitch.
    How dare u think this shit is tougher for you ... like i dont think bout de guys who fuckin witchu ... or i dont think about de niggas you could be fuckin wid too ... but i aint even guna act like i wouldnt fuckin miss youu ... even though the looks you give me be hurtin lika truckers tatoo ... but sometimes i think i needa slow down cuz my young'n menatilty has faded ... im fallin in love, thinkin bout gettn married n babies ... all the shit i want, i swear, will be available when i make it ... tronna reminice, even tho my memories r faded.. takin pictures of my life and forgetting to save it ... I swear i been wid so many girlss, the pussy was what i craved n.. i aint evn gunna name the number i cudve layed wid, but quality over quantity, cuz Alisha way better den all these others women i dated... and i had to put in work.. strip maself of my morals, lik i was naked... but the fee i had to give was time and i unvoluntarily payed it ... lost half my highschool years, to females n peer pressure ... speakin of a blunt rolled up on my clothes dresser ... sometimes i wonder where i would be if i wasnt sucha "go getter"... good enough aint good enough, so i gotta get moaa better ... my whole life is "shifting", like thr aint no lowercase letters ... das y i gota put space btw me n sum ppl, lik the bottom of the key bored.. i dont always see everythangg 24/7.. das y i need my high def glasses see more ... sometimes even wid 'em i dont even see mooa betta, soo i jus wonder what i evn needa see for.. somes i take lil detours, walkin around my problems ... and im too busy outta breath to evn consider solving 'em ...

    And when we go back home, and think about all the shit that you did. How you followed up on all the scheming you did?
    But just hold it, cuz one day ain't nobody will be holding your hand, instead you'll be clenching a fist thinking about which hits you wish you didn't miss.

    And at the end, it doesn't even matter no more, cuz bitch I just don't fucking care anymore.
    So goodbye, yeah, see you later, but not for long, cuz I might be seeing you blowing a dick while your getting whipped by the man I call the devil. And maybe just that once I will stand up and say i miss you. :'(

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