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    Holla At Me ;


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    Holla At Me ;

    Post by Nostik___ on Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:10 am

    Blink twice and you just might miss it,
    Nostik coming in, n*gga don't try and bang your hick click,
    Cause' this slick sh*t can get your neck slit .
    Don't resist, hard handeled thugs wanna-be the 'Real' sh*t .

    Pure knowledge done, preserved in my dome,
    Other rappers try to come and hard damage my sone,
    They're full of cylicone, no 'cone' or ice shown,
    Lives dry, from getting dry sucked / high 'blown' .
    Now I could put this sin in sh*t,
    And shove it down your throat, pass til' you digested it .

    Too hard for ya' ? Well I can't soften up,
    Get used to this, your gonna deal with it til' you have enough,
    Can't get tough ? Then shut your mouth .
    Your wasting air, opening that mouth of a trout,
    Drought with it, you know you can not dipose of it,
    Or close this sh*t, I got you 'sit', like held hostages .

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