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    goin on a mad 1 !


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    goin on a mad 1 !

    Post by sicotic on Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:08 pm

    goin on a mad 1

    on a saturday night
    i am a sicotic creature
    u cant hear it look at da feature
    mad night need a seizure
    dont do bails take me visa
    dont make me angry wen im tryin to be friendly
    another bail on da way mr henry
    chinos an vans goin all trendy

    im already high as a kite
    sniffed it up like a sateliite
    eyes bloodshot double figure site
    one direction left or right
    seein people cant hack it
    they start to panic
    goin sick jason statham in mechanic
    a bit systamatic


    cos im on a mad 1 , mad 1
    live life never to regret
    stripes an weed yano i can get
    live today die tomorrow its like a movie set
    u will no wen its ur time
    fuck da police live life in da crime
    cos im on mad 1 , mad 1 Very Happy

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    Re: goin on a mad 1 !

    Post by ExCeed on Sat Mar 24, 2012 7:21 pm

    Goin on a mad 1
    About to spit some crap
    But one man's shit can be another man's craft
    Another man's craft can be another man's job and if somebody got a problem my number cruncher gets it solved.
    I came to straighten this all out, many people gonna fall,
    Tornado comin through your house is gonna get "halled"
    Now that's what I call straight, here's the hall man get in line
    we goin in the out there so get mellow smoke a dime
    Now we out there the beat is nothin but a chime it goes so good with the trees I'm feelin like i'm in my prime
    Haters are now maids, they can help us dust our lines, eh fuck it we smoke so let the greasy shit shine.

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