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    Killer of Killers

    Nova Blaze
    Nova Blaze
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    Killer of Killers

    Post by Nova Blaze on Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:03 pm

    I try to be wat God made me to be
    but this world's evil is aimed directly at me
    I dare u2 go ahead and push me, pussy
    I'll care ur head out hallow
    light you up like a jack-a-lantern
    and call you sleepy hallow
    I act so mean
    like Mike Myers
    on Halloween
    ripping out whole splines

    Go after the clown in the gutter
    and beat ITs brains out with a putter
    then trap Kruger in my own nightmare
    that will make an Atheist say a prayer

    I get all kinds of gory
    when I hunt Jason Vorhees
    muthafucka wont die, geez
    cut off his arms with his machete
    and took my oozie and blew out his knees
    and told him to bow to me

    And I say fuck u to Hell Raiser
    raising hell isnt even labor
    I will hammer his nails into his skull
    pay bakks a bitch, consider it paid in full

    Made Leather Face's massacre
    look like it was done by Casper
    when I made it a world's disaster
    I went and played Jig Saw's games
    told him victor gets the others brains
    and I took that bitches tricycle
    and shoved ut up the devil's ass hole
    Shit no one on my level
    want sum, then name your battle...
    Don E
    Don E
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    Re: Killer of Killers

    Post by Don E on Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:11 pm

    Your as your title states, fresh meat.
    I'm going to show you the east, take you out,
    and fuck you in the street.
    the whole worlds going to see your shame,
    lit up like the fourth of july when i reign.
    critters and bitters nylon outfits you tore off your baby sitters,
    the sound alone i make rattles your brain and makes you jitter,
    bitter, sweat, im a real god damn treat.
    i stand, deliver, than defeat.

    like hitler the mother fucking cripla,
    i put bullet shards in your brain so you can feel my fucking pain.
    than again, your already disfigured and now damaged and deranged,

    short but to the point, drink more,
    and stop smoking those joints.
    and by the way, clowns forever
    don't be cleaver.
    Nova Blaze
    Nova Blaze
    Fresh Meat

    Posts : 3
    Join date : 2012-01-06
    Age : 28
    Location : California

    Re: Killer of Killers

    Post by Nova Blaze on Fri Jan 20, 2012 1:17 pm

    call me fresh meat
    haa you trick, i treat
    say you gna take me out
    and fuck me in the street
    say u stand deliver and defeat
    i keep my feet up
    dont even need to heat up
    you jus gone get beat up
    cause ive met defeat and
    your gna join him
    6ft deep

    cuz ppl say life's a bitch
    and im the baddest thing in this bitch
    im bombing the endzone, drew brees
    who gna stop me??
    gotta a lot fight, not a lot run
    knock your eyes out ur skull for
    looking at me wrong
    then go tell you like look at wat u have gone done
    burning the streets up like LA in June
    hate on me and u culd kiss my full moon
    I know u culd feel this call it itune

    I strike fear in the heart of the heartless
    believe i always go hard regardless
    I'm advance, ur behind this
    but don't be mad
    at least ur ass got to witness

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    Re: Killer of Killers

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