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    Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

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    Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by Shot1 on Mon Sep 15, 2008 5:18 am

    Read the title- represent where u come from in 4-8 bars
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    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by Shot1 on Mon Sep 15, 2008 5:29 am

    where i come from, no-one likes hip-hop or rap
    i dont live in no ghetto, so lifes borin and crap
    i come from australia, from the west side in perth
    tho ive bin movin my whole damn life since birth
    but this is the first place where i havent fit in
    because of my rap and hip hop style within
    apart from some locals, its a cool place to stay
    theres beaches, hot chiks, and the sun burnin all day
    BlacK IcKe
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    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by BlacK IcKe on Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:59 pm

    Riot cKity mufucKa toe taggin and rag5/
    5 poppin 6 droppin i be droppin dem cKrabs/
    shot 1 1 shot shots ah run thru dat ass/
    cincinnati mufucka 513 ridah/
    body yu no mask jus creep up beside yu/
    fucK it we aint tustlin my nena stay bussin/
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    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by youngill_08 on Fri Dec 05, 2008 1:40 am

    Harlem world time to stand up// got the 40 cal in one
    hand wat's in the other hand chump//Fresh dope that fiends
    smoke leave em so high u think they were dying from heat stroke//See me i'm burning that leave smoke//All about that money break cheese
    hoe//212-347 i'ma hustler in these streets called heaven//
    home alone people call me Kevin//
    runnin these blocks he's has no
    conscience//I was so hood took my act out to
    Compton La dodgin the whole time i was
    thinkin of robbin//Tru Ny shit feelin like biggie and kim
    Me and My bitch//My mac nice so is the banger i will bang ya
    don't forget that knife//Tryna get me bitch Get a Life don't forget at home u got those kids and wife//We on the same page better hope get me ''Right"//
    U can My mother Lady Liberty really wasn't good to me//
    she had other lovers many sisters and brothers now they
    tryna kill B//Hah
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    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by Ello on Sat Dec 06, 2008 9:21 pm

    follow me to a land wheres thiers pleasure and pain its like the amittyville horros but with a difFERent name where you help no one who caint help you gain where your mother fuccin nigga will take ya fame-EARSE YA FACE AND SPLIT YOUR BRAIN .....cause that hating ass nigga wants to rock ur chain and you can barely maintain with simple day to day thangs and a brick house and pickett fences only come in ur dreAms and u wake up to penny the dope phine tryin to sell u rings and that recruiter at the wal-mart trying to sell u dreams but we just wana get so let me blaze my green im talking bout the city of the sun TOO STRONG AZ
    Mak $AY
    Mak $AY
    Loyal Member
    Loyal Member

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    Location : frisco, we talk greazy call it crisco

    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by Mak $AY on Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:40 am

    mak say, reppin the frisco bay
    gone off the finest hay
    how often? like erryday
    high is how we stay
    drive by will leavin ur shirt soakin
    from frisco 2 oakland, whole bay on my back
    where the thugs b on the blok pushin the sack
    on and off the track
    compared to us
    other lyricist wack,
    frisco's finest northern cali flyest
    frisco baby, we the highest
    we giants out here
    leave ur body dumped at the pier
    my smile is as golden as the gate
    come fuk w us
    this ur fate
    ur shirt will b as red as the golden gate
    mak say bitch, rockin the golden state
    frisco mentality my mind state
    othr city cant keep up
    compared to frisco ya'll swagger's late
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    Location : Perth, Australia

    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by click on Thu May 21, 2009 7:09 am

    Yo i come from perth, the far north suburbs,
    a ghetto area for bongs and abos,
    i like to spit rap at the school,
    though the teachers dont agree with the fuel,
    we boys take to get us through the day in the hood,
    because we know every day can change, become different,
    before you know it u can be marked down as absent.
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    Location : Melbourne, VIC.

    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by ABUSE on Fri Aug 21, 2009 4:42 am

    This is for my peeps thats on them streets thats so hood,
    and this is for my peeps thats SouthEast representing its all hood like its all good,
    Melbourne City is on the map and BurnCity is where its at,
    round here clowns get they're mouth smacked you can get shanked for forgetting how to act,
    I roll with criminal crews thats armed and dangerous thats a fact,
    i graffitti write the streets and trains u cap me i cap u back,
    insane and shameless fuking with me will leave you brainless,
    Im repn BurnCity SouthEast UF we taken over need i sayless i got street fame like famous.
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    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by JR on Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:37 pm

    reppin boston all day homie three for the stripes
    come through there pray that you leave with your life
    gotta stay strapped leanin in the mayback thats how we ride
    come through with the goonies
    show them other citys compared to us them niggas is in the boonies
    stunt city blunt city whatever you name us
    but no matter what dog our city STAY famous.
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    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by Saito_da_God on Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:01 am

    SC stand up and go head and act a donkey
    and dem boi already know in North Chucktown wild'in like some monkeys
    yea cuzo down ya we some uncivilized type ppl
    if ya tlk slick shit then Sgt bullet will at ease u.
    we speak dat geechie shit, yup like no other
    ain't nobody wanna mix wit us, bc they ain't want da trouble.
    young havoc
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    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by young havoc on Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:56 pm

    muthafucka im reppin parry sound till i die
    im 4 my town like blue is to the sky
    i rep red and stay irresitably high
    blood for life man im that kind of guy
    went from a nine to an ak 47
    never got caught in the crazy 2 11
    bme always straight steppin
    i get crazy when i stomp the beat
    crazy lyrics straight off the streets
    the meth in ya arm watch it leak
    bark like a dog i just made you speak

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    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by $Pandemik$-$Epidemikk$ on Tue Dec 01, 2009 2:10 am

    Yo hit up

    All the fam moved here !
    Intermediate Member
    Intermediate Member

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    chi town muhfuaka

    Post by ktw on Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:12 pm

    im reppin da windy city
    where da goonz ride all day and nite wit me
    excited like a 1st round draft pick u dont wanna pick me
    im gon make a scene so u cant even skip me
    yeah niggaz from da town of no luv
    chicago,if u think u harder, show us
    u otha rappers try to go hard wit no buzz
    yeah bitch kt flocka
    stomp ya brain out and walk ova u like a baby walker
    u niggaz cant get girls in da hood so yall some baby stalkers
    yeah da chitown king just threw his crown on
    been liftin dese rappers outta my way,just threw sum pounds on
    run dis town all nite long
    bitch betta get ya grind on
    da color of ya blood do be my rhimestone
    on da news dey say detroit and chicago da most dangerous
    bitches get raped,wimps get stabbed
    snitches get scraped,pimps get slapped
    ditches are escapes,shrimps taste like ass
    Big Oso
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    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by Big Oso on Tue Jan 19, 2010 5:08 am

    duke city, 505, land of entrapment/
    got my mind on a murder rampage//
    ever heard of the buried bodies?/
    in the midst of the neighborhood suroundings?//
    eleven in a thirty by ten yard box/
    residing in multiple severed body parts//
    never no hoax, develish minds dwell/
    deep in our soldiers, but we won't tell//
    lost in a silent fury use caution, dont fear me/
    no diamonds but rocks flossin you hear me//
    snatch gold chains cuz we'll never buy one/
    whippin a G ride 30 days and its not stoppin//
    runnin out of gas and we got the cops helpin/
    swang with a rola, he bought my gallon//
    off to the gas station inside smile'n/
    like if five-o realy knew he'd be wild'n//
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    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by Scarecrow on Fri Feb 12, 2010 12:24 am

    I come from the 757, that where I'm at
    VA where convicts come to get their gats
    and the streets are just flooded with rats
    a phase of my life I can't wait to get past
    My only hope is my stay here won't last
    so now I'll pass
    young havoc
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    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by young havoc on Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:13 am

    man yo city aint nothing like the slums of jane
    the south side aint playin this aint a game
    this shit is real life bitch check ya aim
    all over t dot are the streets i claim
    come to driftwood see what you get
    you aint comin out alive ill make you a bet
    my bullets will hit you in a blink of a sec
    protect my streets to the mutha fucking death
    its the bloodz out here im future to rep
    a whole future of sellin crack and meth
    dealin with tons of fiends and friends
    lambo, range rover and the benz
    drive real slow so we dont miss nothing
    i may be white but im hard never frontin
    throwing my money around always stuntin

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    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by Randz on Fri Aug 12, 2011 3:02 pm

    There be three citys which im from, But the only 1 thats matters son,
    Is the one were ya lay to rest ya macks, techs n Bullet proof Vest's,
    So If I didnt Choose Winnipeg, I wouldnt have a winning rap on this Page, Fag!
    Catch ya in my ElmWood Limit's, Gets ya Missing Limbs legs and heads in minutes,
    Im that Shitty Itty Bitty Wild Van City Riot Kid in a Private Room at the Hyatt wid...
    A style that is growing day by day, Every next oppunent is another to slay,
    What the fuck did you say? I got a problem with Listening,
    Love when familys are on there members reminissing.
    Cant get enough Twisted Insane, Tech & Lynch Keeps me Loc to The Mother Fucking Brain!!!
    Im childish, Irish, Fly wid this, Stylish with a wildish flow Thats like a Virus.
    I love my Other citys Also, T-Dot and Van City, The place were I Plot,
    Sell drugs that make crackheads Teeth Rot, while they scramble threw a infinite Thought,
    Im hellbound, Ready and holding my own steady until im tied down duck taped raped and told that my fake,
    Then I come back with cocked guns at the cock of a father fucking his daughter the nun no longer,
    and fuck the lord from satan I deliver the shiver you feel when your in a corner with a quiver,
    an almost pleasurable sensation of fright, Take flight, With me tonight, Lets get the spark and place it on the ignition of my wick like the lips of a dyke bitch about to lick... Haha. lol
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    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by dr.Punchlines on Tue Sep 20, 2011 4:52 pm

    I start it off quick, just lick it, twist it, and hit it
    but in reality, my mind is twisted, and prolific,
    I'm allowed to spit bars that are elliptic,
    causing even the most mild epileptics.
    minding the child prodigy's artistry, you are forgiven
    truthfully, dr. who is he? Connecticut is the state he lives in
    but in reality, the young man's talent is undermined,
    even though I produce a wave of summer time, in every line
    and ignore the mans residence, and independence
    of the United States of America... I win this?
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    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by 16bars$chnarrs on Tue Oct 25, 2011 4:33 pm

    Inverness Florida Home of the orange
    Got a lump on my head cuz i was hit buy the door hinge
    I am stuck out in the middle of nowhere
    The only thing to do is read is the the book of common prayer
    Or get stoned out of your mind
    Leave everything else behind
    Take a bong rip
    And the waiteress you better tip

    That last one was pretty lame thoguh i aint gonna front
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    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

    Post by PipeBomb on Tue Feb 05, 2013 7:21 pm

    I'm from Birmingham but not the one in Alabama
    Nah UK represent fuck your city it doesn't matter
    Catch me in Hatman cus this psycho nigga a Mad Hatter
    But this aint no wonderland shit its reality I'm bringing to the platter
    And the reality is this....y'all probs don't shit about this city
    But alot of shit happen around this city best believe aint nothing pretty
    Even Big Issue sellers be getting stabbed lately over something petty
    Thats a big issue, but a bigger will ensue if you try and disrespect me

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    Re: Rep Yo City 4-8 Bar Cypher

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