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    first time on here...


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    first time on here...

    Post by C-sick503 on Mon Dec 12, 2011 1:25 pm

    feels like im runnin miles in the wrong direction,
    reflections messin with my vision got me second guessin if,
    this is the right path that i am trekking no its not turn back,
    its time to focus and get back on track,
    but my thoughts are choking seems my minds not inact,
    matter of fact, with each step i take seems im closer and closer to catchin a fuckin break
    im movin passed what seemed to be enevitably my fate
    developin taste to obtain entitlement of nothing less that great
    and dont worry i do anticipate youll hate try to tip and shake the weight,
    but i promise you kid its nothing more than i can take so,
    cut the vocals for a second your disposable so think before you shoot first without a question,
    its obvious your tryna break down my ambitions due to your own self loathing inhibitions,
    cmon pay attention keep a level head or lose your concentration
    the only talent you have with spittin is fucking masterbation,
    castrations amputations lacerations sayin anything to catch a reaction from your faces cause,
    when i take this imagination pen and papers,
    makin em coresponde with one another has got me feeling like im weightless,
    tasteless maybe your opinionated basis but if its a race im cuttin hedges through the mazes
    finding my own pathway to greatness so needless to say,
    at no cost will i stop till this feeling of sublimity has dropped and i am lost.

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    Re: first time on here...

    Post by lyricalgoddess143 on Fri Dec 16, 2011 3:36 am

    Don't worry, your mind's still intact
    Don't get defensive, you have not been attacked
    We all feel this shit, in fact
    We all wish we could go back
    To the time, when everything was fine
    &the sun still shined at all the right times
    We're all worried, all the fuckin time
    let loose and let live,
    let us be, let me breath,
    let my lyrics speak for me
    speak the truth, speak the proof
    listen to the bass and set your mind loose
    tie that tight nuse, don't let that shit loose
    it's gonna hurt but don't be scared
    it'll all be fine when you get there
    cause he's there, and she's there
    nothin you thought could be's there
    it's a simple place where,
    we can sit back and just chill
    pop me a bud, papa's on the grill
    do it for the thrill
    do it for her while your heart she tears
    or the parents who never cared
    or all the ones who stared
    they never cared about the goddess,
    the realest,
    the illest,
    sick with the lyrics
    spin ya like a merry go
    round, bitch step down
    this my throne now
    Maybe I'll give you a lil taste
    But shit, I can't feel my face
    What are we smoking anyway?
    Damn..this is some visionary shit
    only do this shit when I'm lit
    It gives me a feelin that I've never had
    &it keeps me chasin for that bad
    Momma said I got that addict ish from Dad
    Asked him if i could,
    if i should,
    He said..Maybe just a little for the pain
    Rip off the restraints
    Be free for just a day
    Get rid of all the weight
    stop stressin all the hate
    Maybe I should just do it like Drake
    and fall, for your type
    Can you save me from me?
    Said this good good I be token's,
    not supposed to make me different all the time
    I swear...

    Fiend BG
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    Re: first time on here...

    Post by Fiend BG on Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:44 am

    you know this here is your Fate,
    you die an never be known as great,
    you tried hard but now its too late,
    Given up cuzz im a Beast in this Crate,
    you could go home make a new slate,
    but that wont help cuzz your shits cut rate,
    my lyrics are like a nuke, disintegrate,
    explosive like C4, Got a mightier swing
    than the great thor, got u baccin up beggin no more.

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    Re: first time on here...

    Post by SeanBoogie780 on Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:19 pm

    16-bar intro

    It's SB, the lyrical soul assassin/
    breaking all the fools cuz im always smashin/
    I go hard like wind in snow storms/
    damage up ya area, call me a Hell spawn/
    im insane sick, I belong in a asylum/
    word on the street is homeboy's a problem/
    that can't be solved so dont try to/
    I deliver torture and pain just to remind u/
    not to fuck wit me there's no stoppin this/
    puttin the fear of god in niggas like the apocalypse/
    I spin the world around wit my mic in the ground/
    I dont need R&B hooks I rep the underground/
    Hip Hop today is who's the most popular/
    I give a fuk about fame im the Phantom of the opera/
    Call me classical, im just magical, trappin u/
    got u in my yoke MF u a joke, that's how an assassin do/

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    Re: first time on here...

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