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    complainin made in a career


    lil poetry
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    complainin made in a career

    Post by lil poetry on Thu Aug 21, 2008 5:04 am

    a lot of people talk too much all they eva do is complain
    immaculate lives, non of them be struggling everyday with pain
    got a roof over their head in case it rain
    get free healthcare and looked after if they go insane
    and they are always at the top of the food chain
    yet they violently and brutally state others claim so explain
    whats the problem
    you say yuh got no money and no freedom
    yet you go out to celebrate and always buy yourself some nice champagne
    minutes later without a care for concequences in the toilet snortin tht cocaine
    and free to go anywhere as you please as yuh donít live your life on a chain
    deafened by your thoughts and the mirror showing a personality so vain
    some people always have their bodies aching
    although their sat still the pain causes them to keep shakin
    determination and commitment causes pain from all the walking
    walking miles jus to get some water
    walking miles jus to get to school
    cant afford the fees so all they do is peek through the window
    looked after by society gettin free education yet we still act as fools
    blaming those who cant fight against us, disobeyin all the rules
    we potray the devil within yet we expect to be treated like jewels
    getting things you donít deserve and showing a lot of nerve
    not being thankful, grateful and not realising how lucky we are
    treated like a star yet all we do is darken the sky
    life so bizarre getting us most of the things we demand for
    uncomplicated life is so ABC
    get wat we want
    for others ther aint no B in-between the A and C they jus gotta live life as it be
    i ask yuh
    i ask out
    could you survive without all the things we take for granted
    water, warmth and food
    weíd be screwed not knowin wat to do
    we aint got the skills, spirit and the determination to rise together as a nation
    we have the education but the downside of that is it brings out the temptation
    which stops our obligation and lessens our concentration
    we are all part Godís creation, the earthís population
    yet we are all full of discrimination
    and donít congratulate the foundations that show a lot of dedication
    not offering any donation or admiration as there is a lot of hesitation
    yet we all are part the same generation and are of the same blood relation
    so why not show it
    true love prevails against all
    alone we fall but united we stand
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    Re: complainin made in a career

    Post by E-Klypse on Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:55 am

    this is nice homie come drop it at our new forum


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