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    First on here, let me know whats up


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    First on here, let me know whats up

    Post by Atries95s on Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:29 am

    Let me know whats good

    to Tell u the truth, i never found
    i try to look, but i can only see sound
    lessons are written, in the sands of time
    i tried to learn, but i clenched these hands of mine
    i educated myself, in the use of metaphor
    so i opened it up, and exposed the core
    what flowed out, was lyrical genius
    it took me to different planets, from mars to venus
    i traveled the stars, seein different creatures
    to the most beautiful of worlds, with all their different features
    a single thing i noticed, violence is non existent
    and the realization of, how humanity is so distant
    the power of the metaphor, tought me how
    to be a good person,is somethin humans cant allow
    guns totin pistols and shit, weapons unknown
    till i took my head outa metaphor,and saw i was alone
    so this story i bring along, to spread the word
    i walk through life, unlimited and undeterred
    all hope is lost, for change aint gon happen
    unless we spread the word, through the lyrics we be rappin

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