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    heart broken


    lil poetry
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    heart broken

    Post by lil poetry on Thu Aug 21, 2008 5:03 am

    Iíve loved you for so long Iím simply heartbroken without your love
    words donít express how much Iím addicted to you my angel from up above
    im of the opposite sex so my soul is full of the most dirtiest thoughts
    whereas you my better half are clean and pure like heavenís holiest dove
    you touch me like nobody has done before cause when it rains i cry
    but your love clears the clouds and makes my heart shine
    im happy to tell you iíll love yuh till the end of time
    glad its gonna last long after after this rhyme
    i will forever love yuh till the end of the world
    a promise i intend to keep, i give yuh my word
    of all that Godís created you are his most celebrated
    beauty is a word described but you require a whole new definition
    you were Godís first creation therefore loving you is not an obligation
    your beauty and love is not matched although 6 billion is the earthís population
    i am great full for all the time spent with you
    a true blessing, my dream come true
    love is a word described
    what i have for yuh requires a whole new different category

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