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    Gryzzlie -VS- Deezybaby yall vote/rate this shit

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    Gryzzlie    -VS-  Deezybaby   yall vote/rate this shit Empty Gryzzlie -VS- Deezybaby yall vote/rate this shit

    Post by deezybaby on Wed Nov 23, 2011 7:37 am

    Gryzzlie freestyle

    yo listen deezy
    ur girl's sleazy
    she stay on her knees for me
    i asked if she could deepthroat she nodded and said see its easy
    all she wanna do is please me
    u see g
    cuz ur rap flow is cheesy

    im a ny thug
    known for dumping slugs
    and selling drugs
    and smashing bitch niggas in they fucking mugs
    gryzzlie aint got no mothafuckin cubs
    i dont bust in hoes i pull out and bust on they fuckin jugs


    deezybaby's freestyle

    gryzzlie huh......

    look look even if u was a gay-made under paid "polar bear" from da "north pole",
    Grizzly not, but greasy yea, ky jelly off ya "belly" to lubricate ya "asshole"
    ya grizzly ass gets fucked by faggots and they squirt on u from they "dick-hole"
    did ya''ll see da ass laceration on this guy, he's been rimmed his asshole is "swole"
    dude this deezybaby lyrikal "greatness" u at ya "fakest" no need to "debate-this"
    da way im "servin-up" this murder, u gonna wanna "hot-plate-this" lyrika rapist,
    DVR already set cuzz u know u wanna "tape-this"
    u fuckin wit a "teflon don" honorable mention to "Rick Ross"
    this battle is over, by default u just "LOSS"

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