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    Hi, just some stuff...

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    Hi, just some stuff... Empty Hi, just some stuff...

    Post by Mygnyl on Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:30 pm

    Why stop? Cuz the dark succumbs to the morn light?
    There would be not light without the dark, and VV
    Physics shit, you learned of it, im sure..
    I did in 10 grade
    Just follow me

    Its like
    Why fight? In cold flood, under the pale moon light?
    With no light ahead to lead the Way
    The dark comes and surrounds m-eh
    Will I just be lead astray by my own beliefs and my own deceit?
    Or will it just be me here in cold defeat as I lay here dying
    At the feet of one I so loved and cared for.. so selfishly
    but it was not returned; you just gave me scorn.
    yet you took back that receipt, you gave it to the clerk;
    claimed I was a jerk and didnt werk
    Musta been broken in the box, fucked from the beginning
    If you knew it , why order 10 of me/

    Just go ahead and try to hide
    All your sly lies
    Its inside and it burns
    I cant see in , but the world turns
    And next thing you know
    You wake up in the snow
    Cold as hell, without a person to tell, its like
    You escaped from some bullshit remote Siberbian Jail

    Wandering through the forest you see
    A camp, but deserted long before me
    But gasp and run
    t'words the fire pit
    hoping there is something to lit
    Or light. Whatever
    but it only makes it better
    Dont struggle girl, its now or never.
    you dig down and find; something you see inside.
    Its am ember, just one ember
    In the month of December
    How could you get this far from forever?
    You try an do better.
    But know some things are FOR NEVER

    And its cold and warm, what you do?
    Do you blow it on and sing the same damn song? (no sing-a-long)
    Or do you dash it to the earth and pretend like it dont hurt us both?
    Do you carry it away and make it your slave to the air you breath and you try to feed
    it all the bullshit and lies?
    The things the make both our eyes cry
    Electricity in the air
    Charged to kill
    Stop and see
    What What you see in me?
    <fire crackles>

    The fire heats and brings relief
    Against the harsh truths of reality
    And you realize, this thing you cant hide
    Soon as it come to life
    so you try to hide inside
    cuz the smoke alone would make
    eyes go wide
    so you take the ember and hide in your wake
    as you try to make haste
    from your destin-ay

    you realize you are only running from you
    You and your conscience too.
    You can say this and do that
    And think you gonna get away with that?
    Karmas a bitch and you never see it coming
    Thats why theres stumblin
    Thats why theres fallin,
    Thats why niggas is ballin
    and I am not
    But its not for naught, I believe in naught
    but you and me, dont disagree;
    We even laid out our family tree.

    I know the pieces to the puzzle dont fit, but who you think really gives a shit?
    It fucking hurts and makes me beserk, she could go on like I'm at fault?
    like I'm the bad one, she throws a fit
    And its back and forth and back just a lil bit
    I realize I was wrong and stumble along
    Trying to make you understand
    But you steo back and realize how wrong i was all along
    Too late
    It dont matter though,
    we all change and grow
    and times goes on
    it will make us all strong-er
    than we were before

    but only if we in eachothers arms

    togetha strong-er than eva
    togetha longa than eva


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