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    i need to break free


    Uncle Tad
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    i need to break free

    Post by Uncle Tad on Wed Aug 06, 2008 12:59 am

    my life is an empty room, no light just dark,
    no windows to look through with a view of the park.
    no furniture to relax and rest my head,
    no food no water plus no bed.
    just me and the darkness, got no where to run,
    its been dark so long, i'm scared of the sun.
    a ray of light shines through a hole in the wall,
    i'm scared of the outside world, i feel so small.
    the light shinning through reminds me of what i'm missing,
    how i long for my girl, the hugging and kissing.
    the need for love out weighs my fears,
    so i make a choice to wipe away the tears.
    i need to get out, the darkness is strong,
    what happened to me? where'd i go wrong?
    the will to break free grows each day,
    i'm scared to leave but i don't wanna stay.
    evev though the wall isn't real, its hard to break through,
    cause i got no confidence to start life new.

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