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    Diss The Textee Above You

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by ExCeed on Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:37 pm

    The rules and raps for this thread I didn't listen
    You know what tho, catch this i'm pissin
    on the post above this and the lower one i'm shittin

    You all have ego wanna be a hero? is that so?
    Peeps wanna be some cowboy's with lassos
    Peeps wanna also rap battle?
    Wanna stir shit up? pick up that saddle
    pick this prod up go out there and zap cattle
    Cause peeps mistake me for a bong, when they rip me
    They all think they're the smartest in the vicinity
    They all think they put skill into this
    Then peeps realize they out of weed and get figidy
    I don't go by the name of peep don't start rippin me
    Hey guy above stfu or keep sippin pee
    I'll never turn to face the guy below me, I'll throw him some tp and say "you'll be washed up homey"
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by D.RUDE on Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:59 am

    Yo ExCeed. My name is Darren, call me D.RUDE 'cause i'll spit a flow faster than a rabbit jacked up and exstatic. I be Flippen' that shit, spitten' and makin 'ya think. Rippen' and slingin' that sling. You listenin', diggin' it. Explicit, exsquisit, ya' can't miss it. It's thumpin' it's beatin' it's ringin'. We ain't singin'. We bringin' dope shit that'll make you invision and listen. You shake and you quiver 'cause his beats make you fear 'em. The river gets bigger and bigger. When we sail by you we give you the finger. Remember the weather, 'cause it's yo head that we seber, forever, can't rip this 'cause it's made outta' leather, light as feather, etc. I'm watchin' you listen' and pissin' them britches, yeah i'm dissin'. Ya' eyes wide open, you ain't even blinking. I turn more heads than Abraham Lincoln.. Bitch.
    Keep talkin' ya' shit. All of you.
    I'll kill a track like Busta Rhymes do.
    I got skill unlike you fake ass rappers.
    I can rap but i'm educated with a masters.
    I'm that guy you see when you wake up from a bad dream, screamin.
    With pee drippin' off 'ya knees 'cause you freeze. Bitch, you ain't no MC.
    You're a fake ass wanna' be Jody Breeze.
    Reppin' nothin' but untuned lyrics that makes spirits so scared that they fear it..
    Now, I can't wait to see what kind of mediocre kid shit you gonna try to spit to get back at this.
    'Cause it don't matter what you put together.
    'Cause I know I got you in this battle
    And every battle forever. Peace.
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by midnight_theory_ on Wed May 30, 2012 9:43 pm

    Hey man, I'm trying to finish reading yo spit
    But seriously, your lines are really boring as shit
    You be spittin superfluous
    But never be virtuous
    You see the way I'm spittin might as well call me Confucious
    You will never reach this level
    Bow down to my bass treble
    By the way you going dawg, you will never catch this pebble
    I walk a higher plane
    You be going down a drain
    You be taking a local to my express 7 train
    New York City's where I game
    You can't catch up to my frames
    Putting you to shame is my main aim
    You get burn in my flames
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by D.RUDE on Sat Jun 09, 2012 12:00 am

    Yo homeboy. You talkin' 'bout my style of spitten'.
    You obviously don't understand how to listen.
    I'm enraged with anger, corrupted by haters.
    Flew down from my planet and created a crater.
    You want me to bow down to some cat that hated?
    Motha' fucker I feel obligated to tell you I'm rated.
    You faded.
    I made it.
    I'm paid bitch and you ain't shit.
    Your freestyle sounds like the soundtrack to lilo&stitch.
    Using words like superfluous. Reverse it.
    I'll merk you. And hurt you. Twist you and twerk you.
    Destroyed in this Virtue.
    I will destroy you and all your boys too.
    Thug life is what we bring.
    Mother fucker.
    Bow down to your King.
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by midnight_theory_ on Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:27 pm

    So are you from Earth or are you actually a martian
    I'm like the M.I.B., you better approach me with caution
    I guess you're the latter after all since everyone hates you
    But, give Earth a chance, you might come to like us too
    Lilo & Stitch? That comparison's just might be it
    After all, I'm the human taking care of you and shit
    And I use words like "superfluous", cuz that's how you be speakin
    You're new to the human language, you don't know the word, so I be teachin
    It's ok to use my style, since you be leechin
    I'm your role model, my status is what you wishin to be reachin
    So, if you have more questions on how to spit, just come beseechin
    I be more than willin to help, just hear my words, as I start preachin


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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by Scripter on Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:42 am

    This dude thinks hes the shit and can spit
    and teach lessons
    your shit don't even rhyme
    this is like the blind leading the blind
    who you think your impressing?
    you have no real punches
    you whip out your dick and call it a weapon
    in reality there is no reason for any man or women to step in
    cause little pricks ain't nothing but foreskin
    its superfluous when your in
    between any ladies legs she keeps asking "are you sure your in?"
    your raps are the crapshoot and their just boring....
    bitch you need to get back on your corner
    no telling how much trouble your pimp will say your in
    your teeth are the color of another mans urine
    and you have tans and burns on your forehead before after and during
    the next payed sex cum bag filled movie your in
    I pull out the cricket blow off your head and let you lay dead in the thicket
    my dick you can get hit with it
    bitches say its the thickest
    ridic the way I make em cum true with a quickness
    you say the same shit but refer to dudes and your shit list
    you hold the world record for the amount of dicks at one time you can fit in
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by midnight_theory_ on Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:55 am

    Here we go again
    Is something wrong, my friend
    I was reading yo shit, I was wondering when it was gonna end
    All I see is you talking bout cums & penises
    Either ya gay or ya insecure of how small ya weena is
    When I preach I teach the truth
    To reach out to kids like you
    Including boys that don't know why
    That only guys makes their dicks go high
    You try hard to convince your chick
    It's not her fault that your dick won't stick
    I feel pity for you boy
    When you're around girls you don't feel enjoyed
    I hope I don't see you on the news
    A boy hung himself from the noose

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by opiumwalls on Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:09 am

    the only midnight theory
    worth a fucking toss
    i fucked your sister (hairy)
    and the bitch then fucked off

    you're the insecure one
    talking bout his wiener
    you sick fuck, ur done
    acting like you seen it

    and suicide threats
    that what you bring up?
    a noose around the neck
    ain't getting any props

    see i'm a lyricist
    you're a fucking fraud
    i'm barely scraping the surface
    of this weak-ass pussy broad

    if you were at my place
    id look you in the eye
    id spit my phlegm in your face
    make this pussy cry

    just like a wet vagina
    tears streaming little muff
    but im too fuckn kind, i
    know you aint so tough

    i eat pussy, effectively
    all the goddamn time
    while you stand in burger king
    waitin in a line

    for your scrawny fries and whopper
    shove another biggie in yo mouth
    cause your daddy didnt stop it
    jockin back and forth.

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by midnight_theory_ on Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:02 pm

    First of all, hop off of the rap texter right above me
    You like making up fantasies of hairy pussies, well that's lovely
    Defending a guy's penis, doesn't get any gayer
    Don't wanna know what your scene is, cuz I'll prolly vomit later
    And what's that about you wanting me at your place
    Just solidifies my suspicions, the sweat rolling off your face
    Spitting and making boys cry is your game?
    Getting arrested and charged for abuse will be your aim
    And you ate a cat?
    The fuck is wrong with you?
    How bout you eat the ice off my gat
    Then ima be done with you

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by PipeBomb on Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:50 pm

    Look at this dude... his talk of gats aint got me fooled
    On principle imma act like a Principle and get this fool schooled
    Truthful, viscous and rude when in the mood im all three
    Rhymes soul explosives,get ya spirit bombed like Dragon Ball Z
    Girl got wishful thinking of dick lickin so across her face I drag-em' balls G
    You wanna be ballsy Then strap up and try and go against me
    But don't cry for back up when you get backed up against a wall please
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by midnight_theory_ on Tue Feb 05, 2013 7:41 pm

    Aite kid
    I've been analyzing yo spit
    After the first two bars, all yo lines went down to shit
    What's this, talkin bout dragonball z
    Grow up kid, yo childish act be laggin on me
    Come back in ten years when you grow a bar
    You like a dial-up connection, your lines won't get so far
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by PipeBomb on Wed Feb 06, 2013 5:39 am

    Analyzing spit? This hater think he a forensic investigator
    It fitting because I kill it when I type or put pen to paper
    Spit bullets,when I say that don't mean it metaphorical
    So what I suggest is that you get a vest for your corporal
    Put me to the test I hope my sinister morals are easy to digest
    I'll eat y'all,midnight_theory? Nah midnight_snack more or less.

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by midnight_theory_ on Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:42 pm

    Feb 06 was my bday, wish my gift was a blast
    Instead, my present's a dud-bomb who raps half-assed
    Why it gotta be you of all people
    It's "freestyle fail" the sequel
    Told you it takes ten years to be my equal
    The consequences be lethal
    What you got yourself in you'll never understand
    Nothing's a coincidence, you're fuck-up is all part of the plan
    You're a bomb, my weapon to show niggas I'm H.A.M.
    You can't blow up cuz I got the trigger to make you go BAM!
    So do what a good tool does and shut up
    Or I make you a nobody begging for change with a cup

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by descript on Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:00 pm

    im taking you out of this world you see you dont exist to me
    dont need to fight you but i will destroy you lyrically
    physically your nothin to me ill beat your ass with one hand
    one blow will leave your skull fractured and dead where you land
    damn you really thought that you could step to this
    your hot shit? your flow is like a dude that cant piss
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by h3ritic on Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:42 pm

    I don't need to mention, not even for an instance//
    that the shit you're spittin is written//
    cause I'm reading it from this list of:
    crap rappers//
    that have a lack of vocabulary adjectives//
    that probably only have a third grade vernacular//

    you wrote that and are at peace with//
    the fact that your last line wasn't even decent?//
    You're on the de-cent//
    Far beyond reason//
    I'm eating//
    fools like you for breakfast, lunch, dinner and every thing between it//

    I'm so high up on the rap scale, I can't even see you//
    I don't need to beef or fight, I'll just sneak through//
    your weak lines and watch my rhymes defeat you//
    head for the door cause I've settled the score, I shouldn't waste anymore of my time for some one who can't even breath dude//
    I'll leave you dead on the floor, walk away, while my metaphors continue to beat you//

    The Rave

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by The Rave on Sun May 19, 2013 11:16 pm

    Been lying in wait to shake and break this fake like a quake.
    No mistake, and it's no debate. I don't placate when awake.
    See you chopping vocab in half to show you haven't been halved.
    So deluded are you. I rip you up, clasp halves like some hasps.

    You missed dinner and even lunch because I munched you at brunch.
    Bunch of chumps like you've been dumped in spews of their own vomitus.
    Come one, come all. Come on and awe at how this h3ritic falls.
    You claw and crawl with wherewithal. I moonwalk as all applaud.
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by D.RUDE on Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:03 am

    Yo, Check it. D.RUDE is back bitches. Iiight.
    Niggas always on the net talkin' straight shit.
    You talkin' 'bout my paper? That's a fuckin' death wish.
    Bleedin' from the head, nigga just got shot.
    Point blank range on the motha' fuckin' dot.
    Niggas tryna' stick me for my paper and pills.
    Everyday shit stackin' hundred dolla bills.
    Freestyle rap when the beat fuckin' drops.
    Step up to the mic and you know that shit is hot.
    Pullin out my glock you know i squeeze and bust.
    Burn trees and puff. Puff pass.
    Who the fuck is that?
    That's darren on the track, make you have a heart attack.
    Motha' fuck need to sit down and relax.
    Bitches be trippen bout' the 6 bodybags.
    Shawty wrapped up in rags.
    And to all the niggas tryna' kick it to a fresh beat.
    Remember me. Real G.
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    Post by tastheillest on Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:09 pm

    Niggas be thinking they hard and shit
    But the only thing hard up in here is this dick and that's only cuz I'm Finns fuck d.rudes BITCH
    Nigga please u don't u don't even wanna fuck with me
    Grilling niggas like motherfuckin apple bees
    yea I'm Finna get my snap chat on
    niggas think this a game Nintendo
    But is my world just look out the window
    Dropkickin bitches like Bruce lee
    Bang a girl and I think her was Lucy
    But these d.rudes gay talking motherfuckin fruity
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by dmbowie89 on Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:12 pm

    Tastetheillest got me sick from his lyrics
    Lyrical poisoning gave me the shits
    ill spit down your throat and piss down your back
    your whack and about to be feel my dick rub across your ass crack
    I taste the rainbow with elbows and fist fucking
    Ill have my dick so far down your throat your no longer sucking
    Your nothing but a clown at a dick circus
    jerking cock at your house with open curtains
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by Drakilla on Fri Dec 06, 2013 8:26 pm


    You Dream Of 24hr Anal Smashing...A Faggot Rapping...
    Skinny Jeans Rocking Color Schemes In A Rainbow Fashion...
    That Boys The Type Who Obviously Enjoys The Pipe...
    Aids Is Not A Condition That Helps Dude...It Destroys Ya Life...
    You Are Gayer Than The Justin Beiber Songs For Christmas...
    You Probably Wear Jewelery That Belongs To Bitches...
    I'm Homo Genocidal (pause) I'm Preparing To Pop Hollows...
    At One Of The Fucking Judges From America's Top Model...

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by UnculJulio90300060 on Tue Apr 14, 2015 5:56 pm

    Drakilla Trash My guerilla mash
    smoked out licoln dro on the dash
    your rhymes suck like GTA IV
    I'm hardcore your just a weak whore
    If I kill a judge im on the front page
    if you kill a judge spit on your face
    cuz you sleepin boy
    youse a thinking boy
    you on the ground couphin blood tweakin boy
    what was you thinkin boy oh you a thinking boy
    no more blinking boy you a leaking boy
    I'm a racist and you a Lincoln boy
    I catch cases
    your parents take your fuckin toys

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

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